Are You Ready To Take You Energy To The Next Level?

The Empowered Usui OR Angelic Reiki Training Program Will Take You There!

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This Reiki Training Program Offers You More Than Just A Standard Reiki Class
This Program Includes:
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Process & Learning Content Plus...
  • Learn Tips On How You Can Use Reiki To Work With Animals
  • Learn ChiGong/QiGong Methods To Increase The Energy That You Channel For Reiki & Your Personal Healing
  • Learn Enhanced Ways To Connect With Your Angels And/Or Spirit Guides During Sessions
  • Learn How To Scan Your Bio-Electromagnetic Field & Use A Pendulum To Pick Up Additional Subtle Energy Information
  • Learn Additional Symbols To Use With Your Reiki Practice (Outside Of The Main 4)
  • Learn How Shift Your Energy And Open Up To Even More Intuitive Information
  • Understand Exactly What You Need To Know To Get Started
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Reiki is great for all enhancing your psychic & intuitive gifts!
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Anyone can benefit from taking the Reiki Level 1 Course!




Empowered Reiki Level 1 Courses
Open up to a new level of energy flow with a Zoom/Video OR In-Person Level 1 Course.  Some of what is included:

✓ Reiki I Learning Materials (handbook)
✓ Calling in Healing Angels & Spirit Guides
✓ Chakra Clearing & Balancing
✓ Guided Meditation
✓ Open Discussion and Q & A
✓ Chigong/QiGong Exercises To Open Your Energy
✓ Energy Exercises To Strengthen Your Connection
✓ Reiki Level 1 Attunement To Permanently Raise Your Vibration
✓ Learn How To Perform A Bioscan On Your Energy Field
✓ Learn Techniques To Clear Energy & Cut Negative Etheric Cords
✓ Learn How Reiki Can Help With Your Intuition 
✓ Learn How To Facilitate Reiki On Animals
✓ Traditional Usui Reiki Hand Positions For 21-Day Self-Treatment
✓ Reiki Level 1 Course Certificate

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Enhanced Connections With Reiki
Did you know that by becoming attuned to the Reiki Energy Flow, you can heighten your psychic and intuitive gifts/abilities?  

✓ Clearer Intuitive Information
✓ Clearer Tarot and/or Oracle Card Readings
✓ Clearer Psychic Connections
✓ Clearer Sense Of Negative Energy Around You
Empowered Reiki Level 2 Courses
Take your energy even further (similar to a 200% channeled energy increase) while learning Distance Reiki techniques and the sacred Reiki Symbols for Healing.  Schedule via Zoom/Video OR In-Person Level 2 Course.  Some of what this level includes:

✓ Reiki 2 Learning Materials (handbook)
✓ Learn Which Healing Angels To Work With For Powerful Sessions
✓ Chakra Clearing & Balancing
✓ Guided Meditation Journey
✓ Open Discussion and Q & A
✓ Next Level Chigong Exercises To Strengthen Your Energy Flow
✓ A Significant Attunement Vibrational Raise (200%) From Level 1
✓ Learn The Belnefits Of Using A Pendulum During Healings
✓ Learn How To Perform A Bioscan On Other People's Energy Field
✓ Learn Common Sensations/Discoveries Within Energy Fields
✓ Learn How Reiki Can Help With Your Spiritual Path
✓ Learn How To Facilitate Professional Reiki Sessions On Others

✓ Learn The Sacred Reiki Symbols To Use During Sessions
✓ Learn How To Facilitate Distance Reiki Sessions
✓ Traditional Usui Reiki Hand Positions For 21-Day Self-Treatment
✓ Reiki Level 2 Course Certificate

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Empowered Reiki Level 3 "Master Practitioner" Attunement Courses.  

(Master Practitioner Level 3 Only - Not Master Teacher Level 3)
This Reiki level opens you up to and allows access to the FULL Reiki 3 energy (100% Flow) and increases your frequency in an amazing way!

✓ Reiki 3 Learning Materials (handbook)
✓ Understanding The Responsibility As A Level 3 Practitioner
✓ Chakra Clearing & Balancing
✓ Guided Meditation Journey
✓ Open Discussion and Q & A
✓ Open Discussion On Holding Different types Of Reiki Sessions
✓ You Will Demonstrate Checking Chakras 
✓ Practice Using A Pendulum During A Healing
✓ You Will Demonstrate Sensing/Clearing Blocked Energy
✓ Review Your Reiki Journal On Discoveries Within Energy Fields
✓ Discussion On Your Vision For Healing
✓ Review Your Reiki Sessions On Others, With Outcomes
✓ Learn The Sacred Reiki Master Symbol Used During Sessions
✓ Traditional Usui Reiki Hand Positions For 21-Day Self-Treatment
✓ Reiki Level 3 Course Certificate

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Self-Paced Reiki Level Courses Are Also An Option For Those Who Wish To Get Started Right Away.  Once You Purchase The Self-Paced Reiki Level Course, You Receive Access To Each Lesson And Module For That Level Course.  Once The Lessons Are Completed, You Will Schedule A Remote Reiki Attunement Session To Complete Your Course And Receive Your Certificate.

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Interested In The "Bumper Class"?

If you have taken one of my older Reiki Courses + Attunements with me in the past and would like to take advantage of some of this new “Empowered Reiki” material and/or take a “bumper class” (re-activate your energy channels if you haven’t been using it for a while) OR possibly add the Angelic portion with a special Angelic Attunement Added-in, send me a message and we can discuss how you can take advantage of that and kick things up a notch!

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