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Angel Answers: "The Angels Of The Elements" E-Book Journal
Have you ever wanted to know how to connect with the 4 main Archangels as well as better understanding their connection to the cardinal directions/elements?  Have you ever wanted to make sure that you were protected while in meditation, healing sessions, using Angel Cards or other magical spaces?

This FREE downloadable journal +  meditation are designed to support you in deepening your connection with Spirit and with the Angelic Realm so you can create a healing and protected space as well as learning ways to connect with each Angel of the 4 Elements. (Air, Fire, Water, & Earth | East, South, West, & North).  You can work with their connections to move forward on your spiritual path in a safe way.

Connecting with Angelic beings of light can help you to reunite with the inner light and soul power of the spiritual being you authentically are as well as better understand how our natural world works with this Celestial Realm.

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How To Work With Your Angels (Level 1)

(LEVEL 1) (3in1) How To Work With The Angels Class - This class helps you learn how to work with the Archangels. You discover the names, colors, jobs and other associations related to the 15 main Archangels as well as how to better connect with them to send & receive messages AND manifesting change with the Angels' help. (Meditation Included) (2hr) (This is 3 courses combined into a single power-packed class)

Angel Magick + Angelic Attunement (Level 2)

(LEVEL 2) (3in1) Angel Magic + Angelic Attunement Class - This class takes your work with the Archangels even further by adding a bit of "magic". You learn deeper associations with the Angels such as: crystal grids, herbs & oils, how to make an Angelic candle, Ancient Laws of the Universe and more. You will also receive an Angelic Attunement during this class which will further open your energy channels and increase your connection to the angelic Realms. (Meditation Included) (2hr) (This is 3 courses combined into a single power-packed class + an Angelic Attunement to open your energy channels )

Angelic Attunements

Angelic Attunement Session - This is an energy-intensive attunement session that will further open up your ability to channel Angelic Energies and communicate with the Angelic realm. This is a Vibrational Upgrade to your energy system and activates a new level of "spiritual DNA". You will receive Symbols that you can use in your own spiritual practice. This is primarily an attunement and energy clearing without the Angel Magic class teaching option. (1hr-1.5hrs) (Meditation Included)

Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner (CAIP) Program

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner?

Contact me for details on how you can get into our CAIP Certification Program today!
1to1, Zoom & Self-Paced Courses Available!

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Angelic Reiki Certifications
As part of the signature EMPOWERED REIKI offerings, you can also choose ANGELIC REIKI Level 1, 2 or 3 (Master Practitioner).

This Reiki Training Program Offers You More Than Just A Standard Reiki Class
This Program Includes:

Traditional Usui + Angelic Reiki Processes & Learning Content Plus...

  • Learn How To Work With The Angels To Enhance Your Healings
  • Learn Tips On How You Can Use Reiki To Work With Animals
  • Learn ChiGong/QiGong Methods To Increase The Energy That You Channel For Reiki & Your Personal Healing
  • Learn Enhanced Ways To Connect With Your Angels And/Or Spirit Guides During Sessions
  • Learn How To Scan Your Bio-Electromagnetic Field & Use A Pendulum To Pick Up Additional Subtle Energy Information
  • Learn Additional Symbols To Use With Your Reiki Practice (Outside Of The Main 4)
  • Learn How Shift Your Energy And Open Up To Even More Intuitive Information
  • Understand Exactly What You Need To Know To Get Started

Facilitated by: Reiki Master, Jamie Wareham, 7th removed from the Founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui.
Angel Meditations

The Angel Meditations Starter Pack includes 20+ Angel Meditations to help you learn how to connect to the Archangels, clear your energy, and get answers to questions.  (Guided-Style, some recorded live)

Get your Angel audio downloads here
Angel Card Readings

Angel Tarot and/or Oracle Card Readings

  • Need more guidance from the Angels on your path?

  • Feeling stuck?

  • Need a bit more direction?

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certified angel intuitive practitioner
Certified Angel Mediumship
Listen To What Others Are Saying…
lightworker path healing reviews

M. Trudel

I’ve NEVER had energy work like this! I could feel all the energy and angels working. After she was done we discussed what occurred. I told her what I saw and felt, then she explained in great detail (which was incredibly educational) what she did to do the energy work. She educated me on the angels; who they are, how and why they’re there to help me. It was fascinating comparing notes and seeing how it flowed from one to the other and the message was so unbelievably clear.

lightworker path reviews

Cynthia K.

Jamie was awesome in educating me about the process and how to best help me to achieve my goals. She is very knowledgeable in the meditation process and speaking to angels and the Fae. I will definitely book another session and have her advise me on Reiki!!