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How Does Reiki Work?

Your body is one amazing machine. Not only does it automatically take care of all your breathing, circulation, digestion and other vital processes without you even lifting a finger, but it has the phenomenal ability to bounce back and heal…
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Integrating Reiki Healing into Your Yoga Practice

Did you know?? +++ Guess what’s missing from your yoga practice? (Hint: Reiki) You have a dozen yoga mats, several stylish yoga outfits and even a few props. Your past yoga classes, books and videos ensure you have your poses…
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Reiki Healing During Pregnancy

Another informative article to share from IARP.org!  Blessings! +++++++++++++++++ Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful and spiritual experiences. However, the journey to motherhood can also be accompanied by a number of different stressors on the mind, body and soul….
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