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Metaphysical Quartz Crystal Glossary

  A good round-up of types of Quartz formations and their properties:   (source: thatcrystalsite.com ) “This section defines the words are used to describe the Crystal in terms of their metaphysical property, the symbolic meaning, and what the Crystal form…
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Herbs and Magical Properties – A

The Magickal Properties of Herbs (A’s) Below I have included some very useful information on a website which I discovered while on my internet travels.  All credit for these findings I give to the article originator. <3 I will be…
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“WALK THE TALK WEDNESDAY” Reminder and 3rd Chakra Activation: Many people talk a great story of how enlightened they are, how patient they are, how forgiving they are. Why not just let your actions speak for you? The truth is…
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I found this post online and thought it might be useful for some of our readers out there:   “Ever feel overwhelmed by your environment? Does it sometime feel like others energy soaks into your personal space? Ever catch yourself…
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The Universal Spiritual Laws

As Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” “All humans incarnate to experience life in a physical body.  Earth is the place where we learn our lessons in the form of situations, life events and particular people.  It…
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Crystals – Merlinite

A Stone of Duality Black and White… Light and Dark Magic and Good Luck… and Dark Night of The Soul   “Merlinite is a stone of duality… of black and white… and light and dark. This is a stone that…
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Lunar Phase and Candle Colors

  New Moon- Black Candle Attunement You cannot see the Moon. It isn’t visible. End of phase and new cycle begins; a time to have new ideas. Begin new things, maintain pure joy of being. Attribute Protection and creates a…
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Working with Multiple Card Decks for One Reading

—  Doreen Virtue demonstrating a multi-card reading

Preparing Your Angel Card Deck For Readings

  Preparing Your Angel Card Deck For Readings To prepare the cards for a reading, select the deck of cards with which you would like to work and clear it, then program it for use. This means that you remove…
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Today is 12-11-12: Our thoughts are like seeds that are beginning to sprout. You may have already seen some evidence of the fruition of your desires. These are signs that things will and re-growing in your aspired direction. Keep positive,…
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