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Your Angel Messages for February 24 – March 2 from Doreen Virtue

February 24, 2014 in Angels, Astrology, Cards, Energy, Messages, Seekers, Uncategorized, Videos


This is a GREAT week to move forward on your career dreams, turning them into career realities!

You’re on a roll of positive energy . . . provided you are willing to walk through the doors that are opening for you.

New career ventures are highly supported this week, especially if they are in the health and healing areas.

Go forth and heal!

What is a Lightworker?

June 13, 2013 in Angels, Crystals, Energy, Meditations, Messages, Seekers, Uncategorized

Many people have asked me, “What is a Lightworker?“.  While there are many ways to describe a Lightworker, the entry below is a good, solid source for answers to this question and helpful in identifying some of their aspects.



“The Healing Power of Lightworkers

Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers. They then forget their divine and perfect identities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the earth and all living creatures. When lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they feel lost and afraid.

Your are a lightworker if you: feel called to heal others; want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems; believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation; have had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters; have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your Divine perfection; want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world;

feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel about your healing experiences, or feel a sense of time urgency to fulfill your mission before you know that you are here for a higher purpose, or even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it.

Everywhere on the planet right now, lightworkers are awakening to faint memories about why they came to earth. They hear an inner calling that can’t be ignored. This call is a reminder that it is now time to stop toying with material dreams, and get to work.

Many lightworkers are discovering innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities. These are the gifts that we volunteered to use to heal the earth and her population during the crucial decades surrounding the millennium.

Prophecies predicted our coming, and now it is time for us to fulfill our Divine purposes. The world depends upon us!

We who are lightworkers don’t necessarily need to add anything to ourselves to prepare for our mission. We already have innate abilities, even if they are presently dormant. Instead, we need to work on releasing fears which keep us from feeling confident in our lightworker abilities. When you remind yourself that your power as a lightworker comes from your higher self and God (not from “you”) you automatically feel more assured of your abilities as a spiritual healer.

With our focused intent, thought, and spirit, we can heal anything. There are no limits, except those we place upon our healing abilities.

We definitely can heal the earth with our spiritual approach.
In fact, scientists have recently demonstrated that people can change water and air temperature and also cloud structures, purely through their thoughts. Researchers have known for years that prayer positively affects plants and animals. These studies reveal something that many lightworkers have already known: our collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert prophecies of world trauma.

There is only one spirit and one mind, and we are all part of this collective intelligence and love. Miraculous results in scientific laboratories are demonstrating the factual basis of the oneness of all life. Not long ago, U.S. and Japanese scientists hooked-up test subjects to blood pressure and heart monitor machines. Simultaneously, in separate and sealed rooms, other test subjects were asked to think loving or angry thoughts about the people hooked-up to the machines. At the exact instant when a subject held a loving thought, the monitored person’s blood pressure and heart rate significantly dropped. And then, at the precise moment when an angry thought was projected, the person’s vital signs skyrocketed upward.

We who are lightworkers are already aware of the power of our thoughts.
What we are continuing to learn, however, is that our thoughts are even more powerful than we suspected! A large part of our lightworker function, then, is to continuously monitor our own thoughts to ensure that they are from a high and loving plane. When we occasionally slip into fearful or judgmental thoughts, we can release these thought forms to the angels who surround us, knowing that these spiritual companions want to help us fulfill our sacred purpose.

If your intuition is urging you toward a healing function, you can be sure that this is a Divine voice and not just wishful thinking. In recent years, a spiritual call has been broadcast—like a psychic “help wanted” ad—asking for lightworkers to awaken to their healing roles. Those who have heard the call sometimes contact me, asking for reassurance that this inner voice isn’t setting them up for disappointment or possible failure.

I can certainly understand this fear, since I experienced it myself. When I was a young mother of two and an uneducated housewife, I began having spontaneous visions in which I saw myself as a healer and author. These visions frightened me, because I didn’t think that I had the time, money, or intelligence to succeed. So I began overeating to silence the inner voice and visions. I didn’t feel ready or qualified to awaken to my mission.

What I was doing was the equivalent of pushing the “snooze button” on my spiritual alarm clock. Overeating was my way of delaying God’s plan for me, because food would temporarily drown out the sound and sight of my Divine life plan. I gained nearly 50 pounds before I finally surrendered to the Creator and asked for help in making my inner vision a reality. I discovered that as soon as I committed to following my life purpose, doors opened up for me in succession. In miraculous ways that I could never have planned for, everything in my visions became a reality.

We cannot fail when we accept the mission we chose for ourselves prior to incarnation.
The power and intelligence of the One mind makes no mistakes. We would not have been assigned our lightworker role, were we not perfectly qualified. Since we are made in the image and likeness of One who is all-knowing, all-loving, and able to heal anything, we can relax in the sure knowledge that we were born to heal.”   (source: Doreen Virtue)



Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading June 10-16th

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An intense week!!!

Lots of clashing of lower and higher energies, but we know who will win (God’s love) In your personal life, you can enjoy high energies by cleaning out anything toxic from your life. Now’s the time to get brutally honest with yourself about what needs to go, and what needs to be fixed. Don’t let false drama pull you down or make you afraid. Stay true to yourself, and walk your talk, and you’ll have a great week.

Useful References:
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Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading May 27th

May 27, 2013 in Angels, Astrology, Cards, Energy, Messages, Seekers, Symbols, Uncategorized, Videos

“A week of passion and personal power, with guidance to balance everything. Keep going strong, but also take good care of your physical self.”

Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading

February 27, 2013 in Angels, Cards, Energy, Messages, Seekers, Uncategorized

Doreen Virtue’s Weekly Card Reading:

February 25 – March 3

1) Walk Away  2) Vegetarian  3) Perfect Timing

“INTENSITY is the theme for this week, including intense feelings. The cards show you making huge changes because of your intense feelings which are pushing you to leave unhealthy situations or behaviors. You start on a positive new path this week, as it is the right time to do so.”



Useful References:
Angel Dreams Oracle Cards

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Angel Therapy Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook (Card Deck & Guidebook)

Working with Multiple Card Decks for One Reading

January 4, 2013 in Cards, Messages, Seekers, Uncategorized, Videos

–  Doreen Virtue demonstrating a multi-card reading

Preparing Your Angel Card Deck For Readings

December 14, 2012 in Angels, Cards, Messages, Uncategorized



Preparing Your Angel Card Deck For Readings

To prepare the cards for a reading, select the deck of cards with which you would like to work and clear it, then program it for use. This means that you remove unwanted energies that may be clinging to the deck and infuse it with the intended outcome that you desire.

Clearing the deck is mandatory if someone else has handled your cards or if you have been giving readings with them and their accuracy is starting to degrade. I clear my cards after every time I use them with another person, whether that person has handled the cards or not.

Most decks have instructions for clearing them, so you can follow those instructions, or use the following method, taught by Doreen Virtue in her books, card guidebooks and courses:

  •       Relax,  meditate, burn incense/candles/sage, play music which elevates your energy vibration
  •      Hold the cards in your non-dominant hand (for most people, that’s the left hand).
  •       With the dominant hand (the one with which you write), knock on the cards using your fist to shake off any unwanted energies that may be clinging to the deck.

Program the Cards with Your Energy and Intent

Go through the deck and touch each card to make sure that your energy is on it. It’s not necessary to touch the whole card – touching just one corner will suffice. Next, fan out the cards and hold them to your heart. Hold them with the message sides facing you. Say a prayer or set intent for the cards, asking that your readings be accurate and relevant to the person getting the reading. Ask that you be able to clearly receive messages from your guides and angels, and that you can stay in integrity throughout the reading.

If you already work with the angels, you will know that you can call on Archangel Michael for protection, guidance and to help you keep the ego out of the way while you read. Make sure you remember to put up psychic protection around you to ensure that you connect only with high-vibrating energies during the reading.

Start the Reading by Connecting to Guides and Asking a Question

To start the reading, connect to your guides, or, if you’re doing an angel reading, then connect to your guardian angels or the angel with whom you typically like to work. If you are reading for someone else, then you can also connect with his or her guides and angels. I have found that connecting to the other person’s guides and angels, with permission, helps boost the accuracy of the reading and increases the quantity of messages that come through.

Once you have made the connection, then ask a question. Most readings are about health, career, relationships or finances. Sometimes, a person doesn’t know what to ask, so then it is okay to just ask the angels to give you a message that they would like you to know. To do this, you can simply just ask, “What would you like me to know today.” Avoid asking yes/no questions. Those types of questions can be answered by using a pendulum. The cards are better suited to open-ended questions.

Oracle Card Layouts

Focus on the question as you shuffle the cards. When you are guided to stop shuffling, then lay out the cards in a format of your choosing. The most basic layout is the three-card layout, where you place three cards in front of you, face up, and read them from left to right. The left-most card typically represents the recent past, the middle represents the present, and the right-most card represents the near future.

The instruction booklet for your deck may provide alternative layouts and some can get fairly intricate. For a very simple and quick reading, pull one card after asking your question. This gives you a starting point to resolving your issue or answering your question.

Determining the Meanings of the Cards

The layout of the cards determines the order you read the cards, but generally you read the cards from left to right for a horizontal layout, and top to bottom if the layout is vertical. While the cards do come with guidebooks that provide meanings for each card, and it is okay to consult the book when you are starting out, the idea is to begin to rely on your own psychic abilities and intuition when you do a reading, rather than depend on the booklet.  Study each card to see what symbols, colors or lines jump out at you. As well, use all your psychic channels of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance to receive additional messages from guides and angels. Your readings will improve with practice.

Interpreting the Messages Received During a Reading

If you are reading for someone else, do not try to interpret the messages you receive. Simply inform the person what you are getting. If you try to do more than just describe, you may miss the real point of the message. For example, if you are shown a hockey stick, let the person who you are reading for know that you see a hockey stick.

Unless the message also makes it clear that the person was a hockey player, you do not know if the hockey stick represents a love for the sport, actually playing the sport or is an autographed piece of memorabilia that the person treasures. Most people will verify the significance of the message for you, but if they don’t, that is their prerogative.

Some people prefer not to share intimate details with you, others are skeptics trying to test you and don’t want to reveal anything, and others simply have their own reasons for not wanting to share. That is okay. Most people, though, get very excited when you tell them something you couldn’t possibly have known and willingly share the significance. Leave it up to the individual to decide. Your ego wants constant validation, but you don’t have to have it to give good readings.

Practicing Reading with Family and Friends

It is okay to practice with family and friends, but it is much easier to read someone you don’t know very well. If you read family and friends when first learning how to do readings, it is too easy to doubt the messages you receive, because it is difficult to distinguish if you are receiving information or drawing on existing knowledge.

However, you can’t possibly know everything about everyone, so ask your angels/guides to give you messages that will help the person and give them the information that he or she needs. Doreen Virtue recommends that “if you get nervous, focus on service.” This was something she reiterated in the courses she taught that I attended, and also in her books and in some of her Oracle card guidebooks and cards. When you focus on serving, you put the focus where it should be: on helping the person and not on your performance.

Ending the Reading

Sometimes a person will have more than one question, and you can do as many spreads as you like within one reading. However, there will come a point when you know it is time to stop the reading, whether that is because the agreed upon time is up, or you just feel the energy that carries you through the reading change or dissipate.  When you know it is time to conclude the reading, thank all the guides and angels that helped you with the reading and disconnect from them. It is also very important to disconnect from the person you were reading, if you are reading someone else.

The Importance of Disconnecting after a Reading

If you do not disconnect, then you may find that person intruding on your thoughts throughout the day, or you may feel unfocused and have difficulty concentrating. Disconnect by setting the intent to disconnect, and then physically chopping through the air between you with your hand. Doreen Virtue teaches the chopping method of disconnecting in her courses, and I find it to be one of the simplest methods.

Oracle cards are a useful tool for accessing divine guidance from your spirit guides and guardian angels. If you are having difficulty with an issue and require such guidance, doing a card reading for yourself can help you gain clarity and insight. A card reading is also something that anyone can do. But it does require consistent practice, not only in reading the cards, but also in recognizing how you receive your psychic messages.

Useful References:

The Angel Therapy Handbook

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

How to Hear Your Angels

Angel Tarot Cards

Hearing Your Angels’ Messages

August 27, 2012 in Angels, Energy, Messages, Seekers


While not everyone resonates with the angelic realm, I feel it wise to none-the-less share some good information regarding messages from this realm.  Personally, the angelic realm is a space I work with (though not the only realm) often as I have a strong connection with it.  The following is a solid summary of different ways you might encounter messages and/or signs as guidance in your path through life.


– “From the angels:

“We aren’t that difficult to hear, if you will listen for us with an open heart. Most of the time, we are closer to you than you can imagine. A whisper, a thought, is the only signal we need from you to get a conversation started. We have enormous respect for what you’re going through here on planet Earth at this time. We never seek to interfere with your lives, only to bring you blessings of insights and new ways of looking at yourselves.”

Not everyone “hears” angelic voices as an audible sound. Many people receive divine messages through nonverbal means such as visions, feelings, or a knowingness.

Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called “clairaudience,” which means “clear hearing.”
The voice may sound like your own or it may sound different. The voice can emanate from within your body, within your mind, or sound as if it’s outside your head. When an angel warned me that my car was about to be stolen, his voice sounded as if he were talking through a paper towel tube, just outside my right ear. An hour later, when I found myself in the middle of a carjacking, the same angel guided my life-saving actions by speaking to me through an inner voice. While receiving the angel messages in my book, Angel Therapy, I heard the words both inside and outside my mind.

You might hear a faint voice and wonder what it said. In such cases, go ahead and ask your angels to repeat their message. Say to them, “A little louder, please.” The angels appreciate your feedback, as they want to deliver clear and understandable guidance.

At first, you may believe that the voice is your imagination and wishful thinking. This is especially true when you begin consciously interacting with angels. You think, “This is a fantasy. I wish it were true that angels would help me, but I’m probably doing something wrong and the angels won’t notice me.” We heal this type of thinking through faith, trust, and practice. If your faith in angels is uncertain, ask God to help you. Pray, “Please help me to have more faith. I am willing to release all of my fears which keep me from having full faith.” The Divine universe always fulfills requests for more faith.

Angelic voices are consistently loving and supportive, even when they warn us of impending dangers or wrong turns. As a psychotherapist, I was trained to believe that hearing voices was a sign of insanity. Yet, the voice of the ego is the only source of “insanity.” Ego voice messages are always destructive, abusive, and impulsive. For example, the ego may try to convince you that you’ll fail. The ego also changes its mind constantly, so it will tell you to do one thing Monday, another thing Tuesday, and a completely different thing Wednesday. If you listen to the voice of the ego, your life will be chaotic and fear-filled.

Angelic voices, in contrast, patiently repeat the guidance to us day after day, until we finally follow it. You may hear your angels tell you for years that you would be a great healer or author, for example. Or your angels may repeatedly ask you to take better care of your body.

You know that guidance comes from angels when it is loving, focused, not hurtful to you or your family, and consistent.

Clairaudience is just one-fourth of the ways we receive angelic assistance, however. Your angels may speak to you in pictures and visual mental images. We call this “clairvoyance” or “clear seeing.”

Angelic messages may come to you as single snapshot images, either in your mind or outside your mind. Or, you may see miniature scenes, as if from a movie. The images may be black-and-white or full color. Angelic visual messages can be symbolic, such as seeing a stop sign as a signal that you should take a rest, slow down, or stop what you are doing.

Intuitively, you might readily understand what the visual images mean. For instance, you might see an image of a trophy and instinctively, you know this means that success is ahead for you. If you have trouble understanding your angelic visual guidance, be sure to ask for assistance. Ask your angels to clarify their message, and continue asking for clarification until you are completely certain of their meaning.

Sometimes we shut down our angelic channels of communication because of fear. You might see an image of your future that frightens you, and you turn off your clairvoyance by shutting the third eye’s eyelid.

One of my clients shut down her clairvoyance when, as a young girl, she saw a visual image of her parents divorcing in the future.

Another client closed her third eye because she foresaw herself having an affair with a married co-worker, and she wanted to continue her interactions with him while wearing blinders to the truth. One of my other clients was trying to ignore a steady angelic voice within which counseled, “It’s time to look for work at a different place,” because she didn’t trust God to fulfill her material needs during the job transition.

You might also shut off your clairvoyance if you are afraid of what you might see. As much as you want to see your angels in person, you might harbor a deep-seated fear that seeing a “ghost” would be terrifying. Your angels honor such fears, and you won’t see angelic apparitions until you feel confident that such a vision would comfort — not frighten — you.

The third way we receive angelic guidance is through our emotions and physical sensations. We call this, “clairsentience,” or “clear feeling.” Clairsentients get divine guidance through bodily sensations, such as a tightening of the jaw, fists, stomach or sex organs.

They intuitively know the specific meaning of these tightening reactions. A clairsentient feels air pressure and room temperature changes that warn him of negative situations.

Each of our five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense. Clairsentients receive angelic guidance through an etheric sense of smell, taste, and touch. You may know that your beloved deceased grandmother is near when you smell her perfume or favorite flower fragrance. An angel may shower your room with the aroma of orange blossoms to tell you of an impending wedding.

Clairsentients receive a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feelings, and hunches. Much of our intuition comes from the stomach region, and the stomach flutters, relaxes, and tightens according to the angelic guidance. Instinctively, the clairsentient interprets the meaning of these gut feelings and a wise clairsentient follows these internal directives without hesitation.

Clairsentients get angelic messages through their heart and love emotions, as well. If a thought of doing something swells your chest with warm feelings of joy, this is a directive from God and the angels. You may think, “Oh this is too good to be true; I am just dreaming,” but the joy that your thought has brought you is a roadmap leading you to the life you are meant to have.

We call the fourth means of angelic communication “claircognizance” or “clear knowing.”
Men are frequently claircognizant, and may not even realize they naturally receive detailed and accurate information from God and the angels. You can ask a claircognizant a question on almost any topic in the world. Within minutes, he will give you an accurate answer, completely supported by facts and figures. You might say, “How did you know that?” and he’ll answer, “I don’t know! A few minutes ago, I didn’t know that information.”

A claircognizant knows, without knowing how he knows. Consequently, he may doubt the validity of his knowingness. This is a mistake, because when Divine wisdom enters our mind, it is a gift we can use to improve our life, and to serve the world.

We all have access to all four channels of communication. Usually, we have one primary means of receiving angelic guidance and one secondary — or lesser — channel of communication. With practice, you can become adept at receiving messages in all four ways. In the beginning of speaking to your angels, though, most people concentrate upon their natural means of communication.

Naturally visually oriented people will want to pay attention to their mental visions. If you tend to focus upon sounds, then listen for inner or outer words, voices, and auditory messages. If you tend to be a touchy-feely type, your emotions and bodily sensations are the instruments, which relay Divine guidance to you. And if you are intellectually inclined, or a person who constantly searches for hidden meanings in situations, then you’ll want to monitor your thoughts for those heavenly moments of “knowingness” which bring you certainty in guiding your actions.” — (D. Virtue: )


I receive messages (angelic or otherwise) in various ways.  Some examples of such messages/signs have been:

  • In dreams
  •  Animal guides
  •  Feathers
  • Coins
  • Strong scent of cigarette smoke in a non-smoking office
  •  Numbers
  • Energy (empathic and/or clairsentient)
  • Psychometry
  • Automatic Writing
  • Lithomancy
  • Claircognizant (knowings/downloads)
  • Nature
  • Meditation
  • Objects of significance placed in my path
  • Manifestation
  • Direct requests which produced confirmations


To some of you reading this, it may seem a little far-fetched.  I must assure you though, I and my small circle are of sound mind and quite serious.  As you will hear me say over and over again… if you put your intention out to the universe (ask with highest and best purpose of all those involved) and watch closely – you will find an answer.  You must, however, be open to receive it regardless of whether it is what you wanted to hear or not.  There have been times when I did not receive the answer I wanted to hear but, none-the-less, it was the path that was laid out.  In those instances, I try to take comfort in reminding myself that there is a reason for all things – painful or pleasurable.

Though you may not see it immediately, or even years to come, there will always be a lesson.



Useful References:


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Healing With The Angels (Book)

Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels (Book)

Angel Therapy: Healing Messages for Every Area of Your Life (Book)

Angel Therapy Meditations (CD/Audiobook)

Clairvoyance: What It Is And How To Develop It (Book)


Part Of The New Energy

July 28, 2012 in Angels, Energy, Messages, Seekers

white blue angel energy

Below is an except from a Facebook post I saw today.  It hit on a subject which has been floating around in many conversations as of late.  I thought I might share Doreen’s words below (Highlighting portions which I feel are universal statements and summarizing a “takeaway”  in the end):


‎”How can I become a full-time healer?” is a question I frequently receive. The question comes from a person who wants to quit her job, because the energy at work is too harsh and she doesn’t find that job meaningful. She longs to devote her time to helping others through spiritual means.

It’s an admirable question and realistic intention. The world needs more spiritual healers, teachers, and leaders. As we unravel the old way of living, healers can help calm the physical symptoms of anxiety and insecurity.

The old energy is almost over, hooray! In the old energy, people struggled and suffered to make money. Suffering to make money was never a necessary way of living, but it was a strong belief system for the past few centuries.

You are part of the new energy, so it’s natural that you want to demonstrate that it works! In the new energy, you pour your heart and soul into activities which are meaningful to you. And the universe pours heart-and-soul support back to you in return. The new energy is a beautiful river of love that invites you to step in and enjoy and it’s completely based upon the Law of Love Attraction. Love-attracts-Love.

So how can you attract healing clients, speaking opportunities, a publishing contract, and other outlets for your spiritually-based work? By vibrating and living at the highest level possible. Your higher self knows what your highest level is. I’ve posted a video meditation to help you access this information.

And ask yourself: “If I was going to choose a spiritual healer for myself, what kind of person would I want to work with?”

Would you want to work with a healer who was centered, who glowed an inner peaceful and happy light? Would you want to work with a healer who had clean energy? Someone who takes excellent care of her or his own body? Someone you felt safe with?

To attract clients and opportunities, your energy needs to be as clean and high-vibrating as possible. This is something you can manifest quickly by following the guidance of your higher self.

With love and respect,


My “takeaway” for you today:

The world needs more spiritual healers, teachers, and leaders

The old energy is almost over

You are part of the new energy, so it’s natural that you want to demonstrate that it works! In the new energy, you pour your heart and soul into activities which are meaningful to you. And the universe pours heart-and-soul support back to you in return.

based upon the Law of Love Attraction. Love-attracts-Love.

By vibrating and living at the highest level possible. Your higher self knows what your highest level is.

To attract clients and opportunities, your energy needs to be as clean and high-vibrating as possible. This is something you can manifest quickly by following the guidance of your higher self.


Quick Note On Doreen Virtue:

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is the author of more than 50 books about angels and other mind-body-spirit issues and various versions of oracle cards.
Doreen, who holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, was the founder and former director of WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Cumberland Hall Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

Useful References:

Deep Meditation (audio)

Angel Therapy Meditations (audio/CD)

Chakra Clearing (Book & CD) 

Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life (book)

Walking Meditation: Stride to Higher Awareness (Brain Sync Series) (audio)


Angel Numbers – Numerical Signs

July 10, 2012 in Angels, Messages

Almost all of you out there have had an experience with seeing numbers in sequence at random times in your life.  While we see numbers every day, these number signs simply stand out.  While most often seen in sequences of 3′s or 4′s, there can be various combinations.

What makes these numbers different?  Your gut will tell you.  You see a sequence repeatedly and take pause…that is when you are meant to see the meaning or message.  With some experience, you’ll be able to see when you are presented with a sequence and also be able to tie into an answer to a thought you were having at the time or something weighing on your mind.  The numbers ARE messages.  If we take the time to truly see them, we can learn to follow a path which is being laid out for us.  While our “path” is yet another blog post topic all together, just keep that point in the back of your mind for now.   The point of this post is to merely introduce the possibility of receiving a message which is being put forth to guide you in some manner.

Below is a somewhat long (borrowed) reference list for some of the more common 3-digit number combinations presented and their meanings:


Three-digit Numbers:

111 – Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. The sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means that the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts…ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts.

123 — Simplify your life. Get rid of anything that’s pulling at your energy, time, or finances—especially anything that pulls you away from your life purpose. The ascended masters are helping you with this simplification.

222 — Have faith. Everything’s going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything, as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.

333 — The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin and Yogananda.

444 — Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well.

555 — Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing seeing and feeling yourself to be at peace.

666 — Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between Heaven and Earth. Like the famous, “Sermon on the Mount” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will be met as a result.

777 — The angels applaud you… “congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.” This is an extremely positive sign and you should also expect more miracles to occur.

888 — A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare. This number sequence may mean you are winding up an emotional career or relationship phase. It also means there is light at the end of the tunnel. In addition it means, The crops are ripe. Don’t wait to pick and enjoy them. In other words, don’t procrastinate in making your move or enjoying the fruits of your labor.

875 — The changes you’re making have put you on the right path for manifesting abundance in all ways.

999 — Get to work, Lightworker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.

000 — A reminder you are one with God, and to feel the presence of your Creator’s love within you. Also it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle. ” (

(post to follow on 4-digit, 5-digit, etc. number sequences)


While the number sequences above are relative to Angel Numbers, see also texts on Numerology to learn how other methods of message can be presented.  Basically, when you set upon a definitive list which you can relate with (definitions above or other definitions from a different source), stick with those and your guides will better understand what is best to present you with in order for you to more easily understand their messages.  They have infinite patience and want to make sure you “get it” so, they will repeat the process until you do.  If you find yourself still unsure of a message and need more clarification, just ask them to send you something which you will find crystal clear.  Work at it and work with them and you will be amazed at what your eyes start seeing on a regular basis!  Follow them and see how life just becomes easier.

Signs are delivered continuously, sometimes per request (yes, you can ask for signs and guidance) and sometimes simply because we really need to take note of a situation we are experiencing.  If you relax and trust, you will find a gentle peace in knowing.

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