Lightworker Path

Archangel Raziel

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Name: Raziel means secrets of God. Other spellings include Razeil, Razeel, Rezial, Reziel, Ratziel, and Galizur. Main Characteristics: Raziel is known as the angel of mysteries. He reveals holy secrets when God gives him permission to do so. Those who practice Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), believe that Raziel reveals the divine wisdom that the Torah contains. People sometimes ask for Raziel’s help to: hear God’s guidance more clearly, gain deeper spiritual insights, understand esoteric information, and pursue clairvoyance, alchemy, and divine magic. Symbols: In art, Raziel is often depicted bringing light into darkness, which symbolizes his…read more


Angels of Abundance and Prosperity

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I have located and hence shared (below) a resource for working with Angels and Abundance Manifestations. Note:  I also work with the following Archangels in these types of manifestations: Ariel, Gabriel and Haniel. –+– “The following angels and archangels have the pleasure of assisting you in any way they can so you can experience more prosperity and abundance in your life. When you ask, they will gift you with unexpected blessings. They will provide you with the opportunities you need to attract and create more prosperity. These angels want you…read more


Spell to Create Prosperity

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Below I have included some guidance on practicing manifestations (a.k.a Spells) to help increase Prosperity and Abundance in your life. NOTE:  You’ll be more successful if you do spells for prosperity and abundance while the moon is waxing.  The hope is that as the moon’s light increases, so will your wealth. –+– “Spell to Create Prosperity Consciousness by Skye Alexander Tools: 14 green, scented candles 1 empty glass container An affirmation When: On the new moon Purchase fourteen green candles scented with pine or cedar essential oils.  Votives and tea…read more