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Are You Using These Protection Stones?

“If you are wondering which protection crystals or stones to use, look through the list below. For wearing in your pocket during the day, chose very small stones, as they can be heavy. The best psychic protection stones to always…
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The Universal Spiritual Laws

As Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” “All humans incarnate to experience life in a physical body.  Earth is the place where we learn our lessons in the form of situations, life events and particular people.  It…
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Crystals – Apache Tears

“Apache Tears are strong stones for spiritual grounding and they are also powerful for psychic protection. They will raise your ability to recognize the approach of menacing situations, where you may be at risk. Like other types of Black Obsidian……
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Doreen Virtue shares amazing insight about how to manifest

                      RADIO SHOW WITH DOREEN VIRTUE   This incredible show was Pre-recorded. You will be amazed what Doreen reveals! No callers please. Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology…
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Eckhart Tolle’s Definition of God

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says that only through the present moment do you have access to the power of life itself. That power is God. Watch as Eckhart explains why only believing in God is a poor substitute for the…
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The Mists of Avalon Movie

  The Mists of Avalon is a 2001 miniseries based on the novel ( The Mists of Avalon original book) of the same name by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  It tells the story of the women behind King Arthur; including his mother, Igraine; his half-sister, Morgaine; his aunt Viviane, the Lady…
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Crystals – Merlinite

A Stone of Duality Black and White… Light and Dark Magic and Good Luck… and Dark Night of The Soul   “Merlinite is a stone of duality… of black and white… and light and dark. This is a stone that…
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Celtic Cross Demo Video for Certified Angel Card Readers


Working with Multiple Card Decks for One Reading

—  Doreen Virtue demonstrating a multi-card reading

Preparing Your Angel Card Deck For Readings

  Preparing Your Angel Card Deck For Readings To prepare the cards for a reading, select the deck of cards with which you would like to work and clear it, then program it for use. This means that you remove…
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