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Angels of Abundance and Prosperity

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I have located and hence shared (below) a resource for working with Angels and Abundance Manifestations. Note:  I also work with the following Archangels in these types of manifestations: Ariel, Gabriel and Haniel. –+– “The following angels and archangels have the pleasure of assisting you in any way they can so you can experience more prosperity and abundance in your life. When you ask, they will gift you with unexpected blessings. They will provide you with the opportunities you need to attract and create more prosperity. These angels want you…read more


Meditation for Creating Abundance and Prosperity

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Below I have included a positive affirmation/meditation for each of you to experience.  The meditation is designed to take you into “sacred space” and help you welcome Prosperity and Abundance into your physical life.  By accepting that you are a spiritual being worthy of Abundance in this world, you open the gate to new possibilities for yourself and others. I invite you to take a moment, relax in a quiet place, center yourself around crystals which help connect you with the Divine and/or Prosperity work (Citrine, Celestite, Angelite, Clear Quartz,…read more