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It’s important to know that Messages from Intuitive Readings are a very powerful tool in transforming your life.


Intuitive Oracle Message From Spirit:

An intuitive reading often results in a profound shift in your perception.  It can help you to recognize and act on signs that the Universe has presented you (Life Path, Career, Relationships, Challenges, etc.).  If you have a question or just need some Divine guidance on your path at this time, click below to purchase your Oracle Reading.

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Certified-Angel-Card-Reader-lightworkerpathSome Benefits From An Intuitive Reading:
  • Specific Messages from Spirit and/or the Angels
  • New ways of seeing existing challenges
  • A sense of knowing your connection with the Divine
  • Practical tools to help you move forward
  • Start or continue to build relationships with the Spirit world and the Angels
  • Seeing past challenges and perceive present gifts
Your Message Awaits…

Intuitive Message From Spirit

Spiritual Reading Process:

1.) Click the Paypal button above to purchase your requested Oracle Reading.
2.) Send us a Facebook Message and/or email Lightworker Path with your request so that we can get started.  Your detailed Reading will be sent directly to you once complete.


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