Sound Healing

lightworker path sound healingSound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.

Sound Healing performed by many methods including the samples listed below:
1) Through using their own voice (or their voice with others such as OMing)
2) Through listening to another person’s voice or a number of voices
3) Through listening to an instrument or instruments (journey drumming, energy drumming, bells, rattles, flutes, etc.)
4) Through listening to specific music or sound through a speaker or headphones (ex: theta, delta, alpha, etc.)


Binaural beats (isochronic tones): are commonly used to improve intuition, learning ability, memory, creativity, ability to concentrate, as well as to significantly reduce levels of stress and lower levels of chemicals related to stress. Some examples of its uses include: relief of ailments, astral projection, Chakra balancing, focus and study, lucid dreaming, general meditation, sleep aids, and working with your third eye.

“Research supports the theory that different frequencies presented to each ear through stereo headphones… create a difference tone (or binaural beat) as the brain puts together the two tones it actually hears. Through EEG monitoring the difference tone is identified by a change in the electrical pattern produced by the brain. For example, frequencies of 200 Hz and 210 Hz produce a binaural beat frequency of 10 Hz. Monitoring of the brain’s electricity (EEG) shows that the brain produces increased 10 Hz activity with equal frequency and amplitude of the wave form in both hemispheres.”

–Dr. Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D


Drum therapy:  is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. From the shamans of Tuva to the Minianka healers of West Africa, therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Current research is now verifying the therapeutic effects of ancient rhythm techniques. Recent research reviews indicate that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system and produces feelings of well-being, a release of emotional trauma, and reintegration of self.

Other studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing, and healing effects of drumming on Alzheimer’s patients, autistic children, combat veterans, emotionally disturbed teens, recovering addicts, trauma patients, and prison and homeless populations. Study results demonstrate that drumming is a valuable treatment for stress, fatigue, anxiety, addiction, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, heart disease, mental illness, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, emotional disorders, and a wide range of physical disabilities. (I facilitate an Energy Drum Circle Meetup group in the Tampa Bay Area if interested in participating)


Bells and Singing Bowls: For centuries, the Tibetan people have practiced sound healing and consciousness transformation with a musical instrument known as a “singing bowl.” Modern science now reveals the healing secrets of these mystical metal bowls.

The resonance produced by these hand-crafted bowls can measurably improve human immune function, lower heart rate and blood pressure, soothe pain in cancer patients, and drastically reduce stress levels. Indeed, the bowls dissipate stress to such a tremendous degree that the body becomes a perfect receptacle of deep healing.

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