Fire Walk Transformation – Working With The Fire Element

lightworker path fire walkingA few years ago (as you may remember in posts) I participated in a Spiritual Fire Walk event. At that point in time, the focus was trust and embracing self-empowerment on a deeper level. It was a truly transformative experience. Mingling the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing – we broke wooden boards with our hands, walked on broken glass and walked through/on fire without burns. Conquering our rational mind in those moments was a priceless and permanent gift.

Last night, I took the opportunity to again be a part of this Spiritual event. This time, though, with a slightly different focus. Since I last “walked”, I have made leaps and bounds in my M/E/S progress and my overall vision has expanded. With that said, as always, once we master certain aspects and heal certain areas there are always new “adventures” to tackle to continue our upward progress. I was blessed to be able to use this 2nd experience for those purposes.

spiritual walking on glassSo, with that, my experience transformed from “energized empowerment” to a completely “peaceful empowerment“. It was a MUCH DIFFERENT but equally blissful experience! Again we broke boards – “breaking through our resistance”, walked on broken glass – demonstrating focused and deliberate moments in movement, and walking on/in fire – taking control of our “rational programming” and reprogramming possibility into each of us who shared this process.

I take this moment to ask you out there..both Students and Strangers… what new steps to positive change can you make for your energy?

spiritual breakthroughs lightworker path

I am peaceful today and I’m drinking a lot of water as my energy field purges what is no longer serving me to make room for magnificent things to come!

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