Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Experience!

crystal-bowl-meditationJoin us for a Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation at Enchanted Earth in Dunedin! ($20) 5/21/17 |  4:30pm (Host/Jamie, meditation facilitator = Renee) *please contact Jamie or call the shop with any questions on this special event *

Experience a mind-body-spirit alignment for a natural state of Wellness. The meditation utilizes QUARTZ crystal bowls that are tuned to the body’s chakras and emit sound vibration tones that not only offer a relaxing sound journey, but also have multiple healing properties:

• Relieves stress changing brain wave patterns to deep meditative theta states
• Re-harmonizes the frequencies and re-balances the energies with the physical and emotional body
• Boosts the immune system
• Reduces pain by disrupting the pain reflex
• Releases stuck energy
• Reenergizes affirmations
• Puts us in touch with the deep harmony that is already inside of us and with deeper reality of which we are a part.

During the meditation, which will be held in the beautiful and magical Enchanted Earth Fairy Garden, you may enjoy the experience in a lying position, so you want to bring a mat, pillow, and blanket OR we will have seating available for those who prefer to meditate in a seated position (if you prefer to bring your own chairs, please feel free).

There is no experience necessary to attend and enjoy this event. Looking forward to experiencing this relaxing and chakra cleansing sound therapy journey with you!

*Renee Dollar will be guiding you with her gifts in this Sound Healing session and regularly facilitates sessions such as this at Unity in Port Richey as well as other events in the Pinellas/Pasco area**