Spring Equinox – Alban Eilir

Such a beautiful time of the year!
Mother earth is starting to wake in many regions, the “Light of the Earth” begins it’s cycle again. For me, this Equinox will be spent in both attunements for vibrational upgrades and an evening ritual with friends both old and new.  Many blessings on your travels and festivals this day!
Below I have included a snippet from the Druidry website.  Take a moment, if interested, and stop by their website to find out more on what it means to be a present day Druid and walk the Awen path.


“The name for the festival of the Spring Equinox in Druidry is Alban Eilir, which means ‘The Light of the Earth’. As the Sun grows warmer, so life begins to show through the soil. Small signs at first – the daffodils and crocuses – then more green as the bluebells and wood anemones spread through the woodland. Plants are seen by some as inanimate greenery with no actual feelings and life force. But Druids see life in all living things, from rocks and stones, to rivers and springs, plants and trees – all life is sacred. Have you ever thought about how you recognise the beginning of Spring? Is it the plant life? The weather? How does a plant know when it is time to grow? It cannot tell the time or see a calendar. Yet it knows. If it has senses, then it has consciousness, if it has consciousness then it is more than an inanimate life form. So it is the return of life to the Earth that is celebrated at Alban Eilir, the time of balance.

One of the inner mysteries of Druidry is the Druid’s egg. Life-giving, it is the egg protected by the hare, which is the symbol of Alban Eilir – still celebrated by the giving of Easter eggs by the Easter bunny.”

“…Goddess of Spring is merely sleeping through the darkness of Winter, and while she stirs at Imbolc, she is truly awake by the time of the Spring Equinox.

The forces of light are equally balanced with the forces of darkness at this time, but light is on the increase – and will reach its apogee at the Summer Solstice three months later….

In Druidry, Spring is considered so important, that three festivals are dedicated to this season: Imbolc, marking the first stirrings of Spring, Alban Eilir marking its more obvious beginning, and Beltane marking the time of its fullness, before it develops into the very different quality of Summer. The following quotation by Nuinn elaborates on this theme:

“Spring with the Druid Movement is at least a triple celebration. One could indeed take it back even to winter solstice, with the rebirth of the light. However beginning with Imbolc or Brighid as the first of a trio, we have the first plough, the washing of the face of the earth and eight lights because it is distinctly a Mother Goddess occasion. So we have the use of earth, water, and light.

The second festa is the spring Equinox, Alban Eilir. Here in the open air again, if we celebrate at Parliament hill, we have the use of the stone of free speech (earth), the first fire of spring (the censer), and the sword of aither or spirit: and transformed water (wine) is given by the Spring lady, as well as atom-seeds for growth.”

       “Alban Eilir, at the point of balance between Imbolc and Beltane, is at the point of balance too between day and night, and it is a perfect time to open to the quality of balance in our own lives.””  – druidry .org

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