Winter Solstice’s Sacred Plants


sacred trees yule solstice

On the winter solstice, which usually falls on December 21, the earth’s axis tilts away from the sun in the northern hemisphere. This makes the winter solstice the longest night of the year, and after that, the days start getting longer again. It marks the halfway point of the cold part of the year (fall and winter) and is the official start of winter as well.

There are sacred traditions and sacred plants for the season as well.  Below I have included a short article which gives a sort of, summary, which can take learn from and continue your search into the subject.  Consider it merely food for thought as you journey deeper into the traditions for this point of the wheel.  Enjoy!


“In most modern Pagan traditions, plants and their folklore are an integral part of belief and practice. In particular, many of the Sabbats are associated with the magical properties of different plants. Yule, the winter solstice, falls around December 20 – 22 in the northern hemisphere, and near June 20 – 22 if you live below the equator. Let’s take a look at Yule, and seven plants that often correspond with the season.” – Read the full article here


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