Black Salt For Protection

In some folk traditions, black salt is used as a protective element in spiritual practices.  Once might use it to drive away evil, sprinkled around your home to keep intruders and those unwanted away, dropped into footprints of those you wish not to return, to keep on your person to ward off negative influences, in combination with white salt for restoring balance, ancestor protective workings, etc.  Many people choose to combine it with other items depending on what your intention is at the time.  It is also something you would likely use during: eclipses, dark moon or full moon for intensity – follow your intuition on that.  It can be very useful and is also simple to make.  Below I have outlined a couple ways in which you can create your own for magical and spiritual uses.


  • 2 parts sea salt
  • 1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot OR
  • 1 part fine ash from your fire pit OR
  • 1 part finely ground black pepper
  • OR black chalk dust OR dry black die
  • Optional: a few drops of essential oil or select herbs depending upon the intention
  • Once combined, cast the intention into the salt so that it is ready for use


I have highlighted in blue, my personal concoction.  You may need to adjust the proportions a bit and remember to try and avoid a lot of water or liquids as they can make your salt clump (though I do like to add a tiny bit of essential oil depending on the purpose).  Some people have used dyes or food coloring but, if you can manage, try and utilize a drier substance.