Summer Solstice – Alban Hefin


Following a Druid path, I wanted to share a bit of information with you on Alban HefinSummer Solstice on the Druid path.  Below is an article snippet from  better explaining Alban Hefin.


Summer Solstice – Alban Hefin

“The name for the festival of the Summer Solstice in Druidry is Alban Hefin, which means ‘The Light of the Shore’. Druidry has a great respect and reverence for places that are ‘in between’ worlds. The seashore is one such place, where the three realms of Earth, Sea and Sky meet. There is great power in places such as these. It is the time of greatest light when the Solar God is crowned by the Goddess as the King of Summer. It also brings some sadness because from now until Alban Arthan, the Sun’s strength is declining and we have entered the waning year. For some this is the time of the Dark Twin, or Holly King, who is born and will take his crown at Alban Arthan. Of all the festivals Druidry is mostly associated with Alban Hefin. The wonderful white-robed figures filmed at the dawn rituals at Stonehenge are testament to this. However, to many Druids it is the turning seasons and the cycle of life, death and rebirth – reflected in the Wheel of the Year in its completeness – which are significant.” – Druidry. org



This website has various pages filled with useful information and I do encourage you to read a bit more from their website if you are drawn to do so.