New Moon In June



As Dark Moon passes us this evening (15th) we come into our June New Moon (16th).  There is much to be learned in this New Moon, take head with some suggestions collected below:


* see also our article on New Moon ceremony:  *


“The New Moon in Mercurial Gemini is exact on Tuesday June 16th 2015 at 7:05am PDT. With the sign Gemini in the spotlight- the coming lunar cycle has a focus on communication, thinking, ideas, connection, change and movement.

“This is massively amplified by the fact that Mars is conjunct both the Sun and Moon!
“With the will, warrior and drive involved in this lunation there’s a lot of action-oriented energy available in the coming month- yet we have to work with it wisely and consciously as shadow Mars can erupt as aggression, irritation, accidents and even violence.
“Being conscious of our need to act, assert ourselves or take action in life will definitely serve us in this next lunar cycle…”
“Of course Mars and the New Moon’s square to Chiron shows another side of the picture. This New Moon is not all about taking action, speaking up and/or going for it. We have to temper our wills so they work in service of Spirit.
“This New Moon conjunct Mars and square Chiron can bring us face to fact with wounds we have around asserting ourselves, taking a stand or taking action in our lives.
“Alternatively this lunation could also face us with where we run rough shod over others and don’t have enough sensitivity or empathy for other people’s ideas or situations they are in.
“That fine line between victimization/passivity, healthy assertion and negative aggression is highlighted right now- and it can be very easy to tip over too far in either direction.”  –  More on mysticmamma .com