Energy Blocks and Healing


As many of you know I have been going through some changes here on the earth plane. I have had changes in many places: work, emotional, physical and spiritual as well.

Through this period of working with spiritual alchemy, various gods and goddesses, Archangels and the Druid/Shaman paths… I have really come to understand the Universal energies in a new way. Working more these past few months with Healing Energy has given me yet another subtle nudge in the right direction on my long Journey.

There is a constant flow of this Prana, this Chi, this life force energy which can be tapped into via multiple modalities for intense healing. The healing energy is the same, the messages may vary but the life force is a constant which all paths can access.

I leave you with this peaceful, quiet image above. Simple as it is, that is all that you need. Quiet as a Druid deep in the woods, such sounds you uncover in your silence.