New Moon – December 2013

New Moon Rituals

The New Moon approaches so it is time to take a look at this week.  This New Moon opens the door to new and exciting adventures for you!  The dual and open-handed nature of Sagittarius means that this adventure could be a mental, a spiritual or a physical one — or all 3 combined!

Every New Moon signifies a time when the nights are dark and the unconscious lunar forces are at rest.  This is a time to “plant your seeds” of MANIFESTATION which will continue to grow into the next 2 weeks.

Set aside some time for yourself this evening during DARK MOON to banish unhealthy and negative things from your life and begin tomorrow night with Manifesting all of the positive things you wish to bring into your life this month and beyond.  Ask honestly and with pure intent, be true to yourself and others and you will manifest.  Give thanks for the positivity arriving into your life and take the time to notice it – in all it’s forms! <3

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Below I have offer you a small meditation for manifestation I found for New Moon.  Enjoy!

-Lightworker path