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Our monthly membership program provides Weekly Spiritual Mentorship for those interested in learning more about their spiritual paths as well as Spiritual Support for Seekers. The program curriculum guides you and provides information and tools which can help you on your Spiritual Learning Path. You can quickly text a psychic for more information on your future.

Our Mentorship includes a subscription to the Spiritual Library Forum on the Lightworker Path website as well, to further your support through other “LPMP” Mentees within our community

(Example: Multiple “Certificates of Completion“ for Mentees included in this course)


Through the Levels of our Mentorship Program, you will study topics such as:

  • Archangels & How To Communicate With Them
  • Meditation For Spiritual Development
  • Mystery Schools & The History Of Metaphysics
  • Metaphysical Tools And How To Use Them
  • Spirit Guides, Channeling
  • Tarot Cards
  • Angel Oracle Cards
  • Crystals And How To Care For And Work With Them
  • Psychometry
  • Auras And Colors Associated
  • Energy And How To Work With It
  • Herbs And Oils
  • Remote Healing
  • Journeying
  • Astral Travel
  • Moon Cycles And How They Effect Your Spiritual World
  • Folk & Ancient Angel Magic
  • Sigils And Ancient Symbols And How To Use Them
  • Spirit And Animal Totems
  • Techniques In Manifesting Positive Things In Your Life And More!

Those enrolled in the Mentorship Program receive:


FREE access to new Mediations For Metaphysical Growth


PDF (downloadable) Resource Guides

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…..and our

Spiritual Forum Membership

Continue learning and sharing within our free-form private community. As a result of this Subscription-based environment, we can provide a safe and friendly atmosphere to further your knowledge and connection with the Universe and all things Metaphysical. With a subscription, you will have exclusive access to downloadable study materials, audio recordings, meditations and spiritual guidance in this supportive community.


Feedback from Seekers participating in our Mentorship Program:

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