Metaphysical Quartz Crystal Glossary

A good round-up of types of Quartz formations and their properties:


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“This section defines the words are used to describe the Crystal in terms of their metaphysical property, the symbolic meaning, and what the Crystal form does. Different structures give crystals different properties.


When smaller crystals are attached to the sides or faces of a main crystal. Useful when meditating on family or group problems. Promotes harmony and trust within groups.

Bridge crystal

When a smaller, complete crystal grows attached to the sides or faces of a larger crystal. Serves as a bridge to inner worlds.


A crystal that has a symmetrical, 7-sided, main face and a small triangle on the side, directly opposite the main face. A channeling crystal provides access to higher wisdom or consciousness. Meditating with a channeling crystal can facilitate communication with guides and aids in psychic development.


A group of crystals that grow together, often on a matrix base. Symbolises community. Promotes harmony, balance, friendship and group/familial cooperation. Removes negativity from its environment. Excellent for healing spaces, office or home.


Unique crystal structure that produces a powerful, soothing energy. Helpful in cleansing the aura and can aid in understanding problem situations. Promotes adaptability.

Double-terminated (D.T.)

A crystal with a point or termination on both ends. Promotes psychic ability and balance. Because they are uniquely able to emit energy from both ends, they are useful in sharing energy and strengthening the aura.


A crystal with a 7-3-7-3-7 sided symmetrical configuration of faces. This powerful and rare crystal combines the energies of the channeling and the transmitter crystals. A very powerful meditation and channeling tool. Aids in promoting psychic ability and communication with guides and higher self.

Empathic Crystal

Crystals that have been damaged either naturally or by man. Promotes understanding and empathy. Gives one the ability to see beauty in all things. Promotes kindness and aids in opening the heart chakra.

Extra-terrestrial (E.T.)

A crystal with a single termination at one end and multiple terminations on the other. Believed to help channel Extra-terrestrials. Powerful energy.

Future time link

Similar to a window, it is a stretched parallelogram shaped facet to the right of the main face . It can aid in recognising and actualise future events. Activates creativity and right brain function.

Generator Crystal

In this configuration, all six sides are symmetrical and come together to meet at a single point at the apex (or termination) of the crystal. The ultimate energy generator. Powerful meditation and channeling crystal, and can be used to direct energy through the chakras.


The main face of a grounding crystal has a perfectly symmetrical eight-sided face. This is a rare and powerful stone useful in connecting with Nature and Earth energies. Can help one deal with the stresses of daily life and to help focus the mind.


The largest face is 5-sided and symmetrical. This crystal has powerful feminine energy and is useful when working with Goddess energy. Beneficial for both men and women. Can help promote creativity.

Key / Doorway / Gateway

A crystal with a 3 or 6-sided indentation or opening on the face or the side of the crystal where another crystal once laid. Can provide access to normally hidden information. Can be used to find the answer to difficult problems or healing needs.


A large central crystal known as a ‘teacher’, that is surrounded by many other smaller crystals known as students.


These crystals are very rare. A manifestation crystal is a large crystal that has formed around a complete smaller crystal, so there is a small crystal enclosed within it. Helpful in manifesting creativity or any positive aspect from within oneself. Can bring one in touch with Spirit. Promotes self-esteem, and can help those who have become withdrawn from traumatic events.

Past time link

Similar to a window, it is a stretched parallelogram shaped facet to the left side of the main face . It helps stimulate left brain function and provides insight into past events.


A crystal which came into contact with various other minerals or impurities during the growth stage producing a crystals-within-a-crystal effect. Teaches us about the process of life and growth and how to overcome obstacles to see life as a wondrous journey.


Crystals with rainbows. Internal fractures and the joining of two crystals together can create some amazing rainbows, which is the prismatic equivalent of pure white light energy. Useful in easing sadness, grief, or depression. Promotes happiness and can be used to empower or tune up the chakras. Excellent for overcoming negativity and can help open and strengthen the heart chakra.

Record Keeper or Recorder

Crystals which have small triangular markings on the surface of the crystal. It is believed that they contain ancient wisdom programmed by both the Atlanteans and the Lemurians in order to pass on knowledge to us as we are capable of receiving it. One must have a pure heart and be open to receive the information encoded within them. Very special crystals. These markings are often difficult to see because they are faint. Hold the crystal in the light and turn it different ways to catch the reflection.

Self healed

Crystals that have broken and have healed or have begun to heal themselves. Often they form a smooth glassy surface with small, pyramidal shapes. Powerful healing stones that will share their energy generously with those who desire healing.

Soul mate / twin

Two crystals which grow side-by-side- they are a perfect match for one another and therefore symbolize husband/wife or spiritual soulmates. These crystals can help promote communication and understanding in relationships and can also help one find their soulmate.


Starbrairies are recognised by the presence of these glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important – they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don’t have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All Starbrairies work like that – the companions facilitate access, although it’s possible to gain access just from the Starbrairy itself.
– by Jan Haerer, Topaz Spirits.

Tantric twin

Two crystals that share a common base but have distinct terminations. Promotes strong, harmonious relationships. Fosters love, compassion, and the knowledge that we are all One.

Tabular / tabby

A thin, flattened crystal. Powerful communication crystal. Aids in understanding of ideas and concepts and helps one with expressing ideas to others. Balances energy between two people.


A crystal with 2 symmetrical 7-sided faces with a perfect triangle between the faces. These crystals help us receive information, with regards to specific questions we have about our own lives or universal truth.


A diamond-shaped extra facet that forms where 2 faces and their respective sides join. Window crystals are “windows to the soul.” They will come to you (or you will be drawn to them) when you are ready to see true aspects of yourself.”


Clear Quartz Clusters are a perfect size for gridding one’s space for protection from negative energies.


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