WALK THE TALK WEDNESDAY” Reminder and 3rd Chakra Activation:

Many people talk a great story of how enlightened they are, how patient they are, how forgiving they are. Why not just let your actions speak for you? The truth is this: Conduct reveals character. You can say anything you want about yourself, but what matters most is what you DO. Acting in accordance with our higher awareness is a lot more challenging than it may seem, and most of us give ourselves a free pass by saying something like, “I’m usually a very forgiving/patient/loving person, but what you just did….” And then we rattle off all the reasons why we are justified for not being that person right now. You have been accumulating a wealth of spiritual wisdom for a reason… to USE it when it matters! There are many religious teachings from all over the world concerning this, but Jesus explains this concept so clearly when he said, (to the effect) “What good are you if you are only happy and kind when things are going well…. Anybody can do that!” Now is a great time to unravel yourself from your complex excuses and get on with being the awesome person you so want to be. Become less focused on declaring what you are to others, allow your willpower to flow in concert with your idealism, and watch what happens when the genuinely become that person!

Today’s breath work/meditation suggestion: Take a few minutes right now to center and calm yourself. Breathe deeply and slowly, imagining that you can direct the energy of each breath into the 3rd chakra/energy center located directly below your ribcage. It may help to imagine a color, so visualize a bright yellow flowing into your body and settling around your solar plexus. As you do this, celebrate you individuality! There never has been and will never be another person like you on this planet. Your combination of gifts, talents, ideas, opinions, etc. are yours and yours alone. People might tell you that this chakra is where your ego lives, but know this: Self love must happen before you can love anyone else, and self awareness is what you will need to master before you start making opinions about others. And remember – self-love does not mean self-ish, so do not hold back. Take a couple of minutes right now to state some true and positive things about yourself. You might be surprised to hear these truths spoken out loud, but soon they will simply flow with little or no ego attachment. For instance, if you are a person that is generous and kind, say it, believe it, then live it!

(Source: The 11:11 Awakening Code Facebook Page)