The Universal Spiritual Laws


As Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

“All humans incarnate to experience life in a physical body.  Earth is the place where we learn our lessons in the form of situations, life events and particular people.  It is the way in which we deal with our life circumstances that determines whether or not we pass those tests.

The aim of everyone who incarnates on Earth is enlightenment or ascension  –  which is the total mastery of all the lessons offered. This may take many lifetimes to achieve our goal of ascension.  Often our soul will want us to return to Earth to meet the same people and experience similar situations in order to re-live the challenge or to complete unresolved issues.


Universal laws are rules or patterns that can be applied to everything in the Universe. It is useful and important to know these laws simply because of the universality of their application.

The Spiritual Laws are split into four categories, the first being ‘The Basic Laws of Life’.  This set of laws consist of:  The Law of AttractionThe Law of RequestThe Law of ResistanceThe Law of ReflectionThe Law of ProjectionThe Law of Attachment.


The second set of Universal Spiritual Laws are ‘The Laws of Creation’.  These consist of:  The Law of AttentionThe Law of FlowThe Law of AbundanceThe Law of Clarity,The Law of IntentionThe Law of ProsperityThe Law of Manifestation and The Law of Success.

The third set of Spiritual Laws are called the ‘Laws of Higher Awareness’.  These laws are:  The Law of Balance and PolarityThe Law of KarmaThe Law of ReincarnationThe Law of ResponsibilityThe Law of DiscriminationThe Law of AffirmationThe Law of PrayerThe Law of MeditationThe Law of Challenge.


The fourth and final set of Universal Spiritual Laws are the ‘Laws of Higher Frequency’.  These laws consist of:  The Law of Frequency or VibrationThe Law of Miracles,The Law of HealingThe Law of PurificationThe Law of PerspectiveThe Law of GratitudeThe Law of BlessingsThe Law of DecreeThe Law of FaithThe Law of Grace and The Law of One.”


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