Spiritually Speaking Talk Radio – Angels Talk

Join Dee Dee Lovejoy and special guest Mary Jo McCallie, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified Spirit Medium, and Energy Healer on Spiritually Speaking Talk Radio Sunday, December 2, 2012 from 1 to 2 PM. Tune in at www.spiritpioneers.com then click on Spiritually Speaking. 

 Dee Dee’s topic and meditation affirmation is:

There is plenty for everyone, including me.  Letting go of the feeling of scarcity.

 Mary Jo will talk everything angels! 

  • Who they are
  • How to connect and communicate with them
  • How they can enrich your life
  • and so much more

 Call and talk to us live at 727-493-2055.

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About Mary Jo McCallie

Mary Jo’s early childhood is rooted in both a very strict German Catholic upbringing & a science-based family.  Her father was a family doctor & 4 of 5 brothers have degrees in a scientific field.  She has been intuitive since birth, but her “knowingness” was shut down every time it appeared since it wasn’t congruent with her family’s values. Therefore, her intuitive & healing gifts were suppressed for many years. As her spiritual search progressed over the past 25+ years, her abilities began to manifest. In 2000, she went on a South American expedition to meet & work with shamans in both the Andes Mountains & the Amazon Rainforest.  It was here that she was told that she, too, was a shaman and that the reason for her incarnation at this time was to teach both the indigenous and industrialized societies the positive aspects & value of the other.

 Since that time, her gifts have skyrocketed.  Mary Jo’s love of her work in giving readings & healings is evident to all she has helped.  Yet, her greatest joy & passion comes from teaching others how to uncover, identify their own innate intuitive & healing abilities through her lectures, classes, retreats, & CD’s.

Initially, M.J. studied independently but was soon led to some of the best readers, mediums, and spiritual healers both locally & nationally to learn from them. Ten years ago, she gratefully accepted an apprenticeship with internationally recognized psychic & healer, Rev. Jack Moon.  Although she still works with Jack, Mary Jo’s focus has changed to include Divine Guidance through the Angels. The enhancement of M.J.’s abilities in all areas of her work (readingshealings, & classes) is due to their guidance.