Spell to Create Prosperity

green-candles-prosperityBelow I have included some guidance on practicing manifestations (a.k.a Spells) to help increase Prosperity and Abundance in your life.

NOTE:  You’ll be more successful if you do spells for prosperity and abundance while the moon is waxing.  The hope is that as the moon’s light increases, so will your wealth.


“Spell to Create Prosperity Consciousness

by Skye Alexander

  • 14 green, scented candles
  • 1 empty glass container
  • An affirmation


  • On the new moon

Purchase fourteen green candles scented with pine or cedar essential oils.  Votives and tea light candles are good to use for this spell. On the night of the new moon, light one of the candles at your altar or special place. While it’s burning, say your affirmation aloud and feel its truth. After five minutes, extinguish the candle and rub your hands in the smoke. Waft the smoke toward your face, your body, your clothes. Remember the fragrance, and associate it with abundance, prosperity, and your new belief. Set the candle aside.

 In some countries, green is the color of paper money; therefore, your mind automatically makes a connection between green and wealth. If you live in a country where a different color appears on your currency, use that color to symbolize money instead. Gold and silver, the colors of precious metals, are good choices, too.

Repeat this ritual each day for the next thirteen days, using a new candle each time. Set each spent candle next to its predecessor. On the night of the full moon, after you have burned the fourteenth candle, light all fourteen and let them burn down. Then pour the melted wax left over from all the candles into a glass container, forming a new candle. This new candle symbolizes your new belief about prosperity. Once the wax has solidified, bury it, symbolically planting it in the ground to make your wealth grow.”