What is Channeling?


Channeling is sometimes confused with Mediumship (which targets mainly communication with the deceased – relatives, friends, etc.)(The Whoopi Goldberg character in the movie Ghost was a medium.) .  Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities or even animals and pets.  When Channeling, you work similar to a spiritual translator.  The messages received are generally not in typical human language but rather, received by means of sensory faculties.  Once these messages are received  the Channeler connects them with words or language so that they can be fully understood in a manner we are accustomed to. (ex: Channeler recieved sensation of pain -not the audible word- and translates this to Pain which the Seeker has or is encountering in their life.)

It is the responsibility of the Channeler to consciously place positive intention on their connection and structure their session by specifically selecting what Entity or type of Entity they wish to communicate with at that time.  It is rather foolish to blindly “open up” a Channel to anything and everything that wants to communicate.  In my honest opinion, that Channeler is merely asking for trouble.  As a Lightworker, my intention is always “for the highest and best purpose of all involved”.  That is a portion of my standard mantra when communicating (along with sealing the room with white light and ALWAYS asking for protection).  Personally, I am not interested in becoming a vessel for any ill willed Entity so, I keep it clear and simple.  It works for me.  “Experienced channelers understand that just because an entity wants to communicate doesn’t mean the entity is necessarily enlightened. The channel should discern for themselves the level of enlightenment of the entity, and the value of their information. Some entities just like to chat; others can have an agenda; and there are also many entities who have a desire to provide enlightened guidance and counsel. ” ( crimsoncircle.com)

Many times I’ll simply receive a word or two as the message.  At first I thought it was strange but soon came to learn that sometimes, that’s all that is really needed to get a point across.  So, don’t feel bad if you merely receive a single message or word when asking for guidance.  It is what you need to know at that time.  That brings me to another aspect of Channeling.  Many times people will want or seek certain answers as guidance in their lives.  People… please hear me when I say, it doesn’t work that way.  You can ask what ever you want BUT… you will receive the message/information which will most benefit you and your progress in life.  The message might not even pertain to your initial question, however, it is WHAT YOU NEED NOW.  Quick and simple example:  A Seeker asks, “When will I find my perfect mate?“.  Message received:  “start volunteering.“.  The message the Seeker receives is advice which will lead them (at some point) in the direction of their answer.  Their “mate” might also be volunteering…you see how this works.  It all comes back to your path.  People seek the assistance of Channelers to help them see further in the direction of their path.  Positive Entities (angelic realms, etc.) will share advice which is in your highest and best purpose based upon where you are at that moment.  They won’t give you what you WANT to hear, they will give you what you NEED to hear.  Whether you listen or not is entirely up to you.  Might I suggest, though, not taking any frustration out on the Channeler.  They are only the vessel for the Divine Guidance.

When Channeling, you do NOT have to go into a trance-like state.  In fact, I as well as many others are conscious Channelers – fully aware of ourselves and activities going on in the room. We focus our senses and attention on the Entity we are Channeling and then interpret the message in that manner.  Below is an interesting take on Channeling Pets:

“Channeling pets is one of the easiest forms of this art. Pets, of course, do not use human language but they have a strong desire to communicate with humans. Simply release the concept that you’ll hear words, and allow yourself to “feel” your pet. As you open yourself to the feelings, the mind will naturally begin to place simple words or phrases to the feelings so that your human consciousness will have a greater understanding of the communications. If you want to communicate back to your pet, let go of the need to use words. Instead, allow your feelings to open and flow to your pet. In the early stages of working with this type of communication, it may be helpful to imagine pictures or visuals when communicating with your pet. As you become more confident and proficient in channeling with your pet, the information will flow quickly and easily, and you won’t have the desire to even use pictures or images.” ( crimsoncircle.com)

Lastly, it is very important for the Channeler to merely convey the message.  Do not fall into a state of “Ego” and try to interpret and apply the message for the Seeker’s life.    Be the vessel, provide the message and let the Seeker appropriately apply it to their state in life.  They may not understand the message at the time.  If that is the case, ask them to write it down and meditate on it at a later date.  The relationship of the message and how it is to be applied might come 5 minutes after the “reading”.. or 5 days.  The Seeker’s job at that point is to remain “open” and listen/watch for signs. (recording the session via audio is highly recommended as you will undoubtedly forget items after the session).

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