Qi – Life Energy


Qi, also commonly referred to as Chi or Ch’i, can be most easily explained as Life Force Energy.  It is cosmic energy and a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy and culture- particularly Taoism.  You can breath it, feel it.. you are are it.  Literally, it translates to “breath” or “air”.

Similar concepts can be found outside of traditional Chinese philosophy such as:

  • Prana in Vedantic philosophy
  • Mana in Hawaiian culture
  • Lüng in Tibetan Buddhism
  • Vital Energy in Western philosophy

The quantity and balance of Qi is essential to maintaining health (stress reduction, clear thought, cell repair, etc.) and achieving a long life.  We sometimes forget that we have an element of control over of our minds and bodies.

Is Qi your Aura?  While I am still in the process of meditations on this topic, I feel that while they intertwine, there is a difference.  The body’s energy system is referred to as Qi, while the electro-magnetic-vibrational fields (also colors which an intuitive can sometimes see) surrounding the physical body are your Aura.  In my mind, I’m simply relating in this manner:  Qi = primarily inside & Aura = primarily outside.  Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve pondered their relationship in any depth so I am still working out some personal questions on how they are bound.  On this post, feel free to add your thoughts on this subject.

Interestingly enough, I have found in working with the art of Qigong, I am able to “connect” to Source on an enhanced level.  It seems as though it puts a “kick” in my “connection”.  Somewhat similar to my use of stones/crystals.  While previously, I practiced Qigong solely as a health-related exercise… I have found new aspects which enhance the entire concept for me.  (post on Qigong and standing/walking meditations shortly)


By practicing and making a study of Energy (Qi, Chi, Aura, etc.), you will grow both physically and spiritually.


Useful References:

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