A Gulf Meditation

(Below is a scattered exploration in meditation)




Coconut fills my senses, salty taste in my mouth

A sweet welcomed familiar

I stare into the sand – gravity pulling each tiny crystal closer to home

I lose myself in each crashing wave

I quiet my mind so that all that is left are messages

I give thanks for my connection – that the earth and energy allow me to come home

Allow me to feel at home

To keep me from falling alone

Where water meets the sky

I see a city of white – a distant place

I watch the sea bird glide

Inside each tiny wave as it reaches shore

Hoping to scoop up one tiny treasure to satisfy

Giving in to each wave’s curl

Peacefully surrendering to the tide

He does not fear it, as he knows with each glide he draws closer to what it is he seeks.

A surrender in peace.

A surrender to the FLOW.