Ocean Meditation – Grains Of Sand

I spent about 4 hours at the beach the other day – 3 out of 4 in silent, serene meditation.  Now, I must admit, the thought of me sitting alone, quiet and content at the beach for 3+ hours is not something my friends would consider feasible.  However, in a rare space.. I found that space.  I watched individuals and families alike, come and go – each replaced with a new version.  I watched as the storms rolled in and the people scattered, only to know in my mind, they would never actually “hit”.  I sat there on my blanket – not tempting but “feeling” the storms brewing so very close.  I felt their energy, their strength and potential for destruction.  I also felt (and saw) how very beautiful that mix can be.  I love when I can feel the energy.  I am Clairsentient, as you may have assumed.

I took a picture of the sun – a direct shot (yes, I looked away *grin*  ).  It was magnificent to me, what appeared..what the Sun allowed me to “capture” for that brief moment in time.  I say “allowed” because I feel that is exactly what it did.  I found a stick and began drawing in the sand, then a swipe – clean slate.  I’d look upward again – my mind’s eye wanted Sky.

Though occasionally getting into the Gulf to soak in the salt (good clearing for Empaths), I spent the majority of the time on my blanket in the sand simply staring at nature.  I tried to clear my mind of the chatter so that all that remained were messages.  I received one, in particular, which was comforting.  It was somewhat of an “ah ha” and a “patience” kinda of message.  Ahhhh.. patience. *grin*  Turtle. (kind of an inside joke there, sorry.)  True though, being Clairsentient and Claircognizant tends to make me actively work on “the art of patience” as I feel and know things strongly at times but must try and remember not everyone is on the same frequency as I.  In time.

Thunder and lightening and all, the rain never fell on me that day.

You see, in my world, all things are energy.  Sometimes, if we are truly lucky, this energy slows just a bit so that we can “capture” fragments to savor.



Useful References:

Seat Of The Soul (book)

The Shift (movie + book)

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