Broken Open – Accepting The Twists In Your Journey


Understanding of the Karmic Roles others play in your life, in activating within you a major lesson of love or responsibility, is sometimes difficult to accept.  Once accepted though, you can find even beauty in pain.  Light in sorrow.  Truth in darkness.  Hope in change instead of FEAR.  Trust in the process is crucial, though so many times a tremendous struggle.  I, too, still struggle with this at times.

Many of you have heard, and repeated aloud, “everything happens for a reason…”  While some individuals may never come to accept this Karmic Cycle, and others still believe with an extreme level of resentment, once you can embrace this with a sense of hope on your new path you will start to find peace.  Before I learned that our life changes, though at times admittedly extremely painful, were our destined road and that each Change given to us could produce an even stronger Happiness – I hated CHANGE.  From a child who suffered in ways both internal and external, Change = Insecurity.

Change was unpredictable, irrational and painful.  I once wrote a poem titled, “Holding Fast To Nothing, My Fist Tightens“.  To escape my pain, I felt I must hold tightly to the things/ones I loved.  I could not lose them regardless of the situation.  Building my “Safe Zone” – brick by brick.  Until… my “Safe Zone” – the stable world as I knew it – came crumbling down.  More of a rocket launcher type of explosion than a crumble, really.  From that point, clear through 4 years of my life, destruction of my “Safe Zone” continued to crash and burn until, on 2-19-11, the last block of foundation was smashed completely.  Alone, exposed, emotionally lost…but that became my beginning.

With the (safe) world I had built long from sight in my rear view, I learned one major fact immediately..

I am still here and I am here for a reason.

Thus began both my healing and my understanding of the Life Source and Energy which exists all around us as well as within us.  I started to see meanings where there were none before.  I started to feel things on a different level than I had before.  You see, for me, it wasn’t until I was stripped of everything that I could understand an truly know this.  There was a Higher Element which knew I could not, and would not, make the Change on my own.  It made the Change for me.  I can only assume that the importance of this, my path Change, was relatively high due to the level of pain I went through. (key there is went through)  While I believed I was obliterated, I was merely undergoing a re-construction for a stronger more Universally beneficial version.

Don’t get me wrong, if I am happy with something in my life (or someone) I still get hurt by the course of Change.  However, I now understand it and accept it as a necessary path for each individual’s highest and best purpose.  I try to focus on the purpose.  Focusing in this manner can sometimes help in getting through the painful Change and instill a hope for a new form of happiness around the corner.

This re-construction has allowed me to tap into my non-physical self in a way I probably could not have done on my previous path.  It showed me that I have truly been given gifts for which I am to use.  Though still learning daily, over the past year understandings and knowings have come to me at a rapid pace.  Its as if I have new senses from which to feel and fresh new eyes with which to see the Universe and the Energy connections between all things.

Allow yourself to be open and TRUST.


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