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Being that we have most recently been on the topic of Angel Numbers & Messages, I thought I’d take a moment to reveal some recent examples within my own world.

I received an excellent Reading from another spiritual soul last week which has, thus far, been spot-on.  We began by connecting and exchanging energy flow, calling in Angels and other Spirit Guides who were of our highest and best purpose as well as protection (important to emphasize your request for protection during any channeling or spirit work – please remember this tip).  I instantly felt an energy exchange and knew we were connected.  While some might experience this “connection” in a different manner, each of us have our own process which you will come to know instinctively with some practice.  It can be somewhat of an art.  While I, personally, have no need for excessive theatrics during the process….I have witnessed some individuals “take it to the next level”, if you will.  *smirk*

Ok, back to the Reading.  This spiritual soul has a rather eclectic style (very similar to my own spiritual nature) of Reading and incorporates free-form “downloads (getting messages of “knowing” from Spirit – along the lines of Claircognizance), Tarot and/or Oracle Cards, Crystals, etc.  Prior to even selecting cards this time, though, he began getting “downloads” of my life right now and some tidbits of information for my near future.  I was blown away.  Though I speak with him casually often, I had yet to sit down and talk to him about some important things which were currently going on in my life.  Spirit guided him in confirming what I was experiencing and guidance/encouragement to continue my path.  If I didn’t mention it before.. I was blown away.  *smirk*  He is always good with this but the accuracy set me back this time… in a good way.  To speed this story along, I’ll tell you that we then laid out cards which also confirmed what was spoken during the “download”, along with some additional information related to other areas of my life.

Ok.. and here it is, the point to my little story.  Towards the very end of my Reading, he blurts out:

 "357.  I don't know why I'm getting this but, 357.  That is what they are telling me."

So….I get home later in the evening to take out my handy Angel Numbers 101 Guide only to find the following explanation:

"Well Done!  You've been listening to your intuition, and now you're on the right path-changing your life in wonderful ways."

I can not tell you how excited I was to receive those numbers at that moment in time – during the reading and discussion about current happenings.

So, I take from that inspiration to continue on this path knowing it has been laid before me purposefully.  There is no better direction.


Useful References:

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