Sacred Contracts

What are Sacred Contracts?

An agreement(s) which you make to be a part of “the awakening” – facilitating LightWork and waking your Spirit to serve in the greater good on/of this planet.  Lessons learned, lessons shown – a life class.

A great many of us have the belief that “each of us is guided by a Sacred Contract that our soul made before we were born. That Contract contains a wide range of agreements regarding all that we are intended to learn in this life. It comprises not merely what kind of work we do but also our key relationships with the people who are to help us learn the lessons we have agreed to work on. Each of those relationships represents an individual Contract that is part of your overall Sacred Contract, and may require you to be in a certain place at a certain time to be with that person.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that free will plays no role in your Sacred Contract. At any given moment — or “choice point” — your Contract may provide you with an opportunity for growth. It can come in the form of a challenge at work, the dissolution of an old relationship or the formation of a new one.

Your Contract is made up of all these components of your life, yet it can’t be reduced to any one of them by itself. One way of viewing your Contract is as your overall relationship to your personal power and spiritual power. It determines how you work with your energy and to whom you give it. Finding and fulfilling your Sacred Contract also depends on how much you are willing to surrender to divine guidance.

The Basis of Sacred Contracts

I believe that we each agree to the terms of our Contract before entering the physical realm of this world. This applies whether you accept the concept of reincarnation, or believe in a single lifetime followed by heaven or hell — or neither.” ( – Library)

All conditions you encounter are part of your own roadmap.  Free Will does play a part in this journey and asserting free will against the grain of your natural path can create some resistance in your progress, your happiness and undue stress as your soul knows it should be fulfilling its purpose.  While sometimes painful and confusing at times, if you can awaken your Higher Self you can begin to see the patterns form.  The reasons behind your personal experiences.  The quilt of your journey.


Useful References:

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential (book) 
The Myth of Er – background/story line


  1. pixxichick451

    to me that implies a Separation which is the illusion/maya of Life itSelf. you are obligated to No-One, except perhaps your HIgher Self. but that comes from the Heart not as some scrawled signature obliging you to perform in a certain way, that’s enslavement.

    1. lightworker (Post author)

      I feel as though you very much play a part in your role here on the planet and the quality of your existence is within your control. I simply heed the signs as best as possible and learn to accept and understand that challenges occur in my life as lessons on my path.